Lenlok Hales – Client Success

The Challenge

Lenlok Hales has been delivering cast metal components and hardware to the automotive, industrial and consumer markets for more than sixty years. Revamping their manufacturing operations was a prerequisite, but lost productivity from developing 3D CAD files and production drawings was time key staff members could ill afford.

The Solution

LH management selected Design Assist Partners for their cost effectiveness and more specifically their speed. Available information varied greatly across the products and was at times contradictory. DAP were responsible for identifying the discrepancies and worked in close collaboration with the client to resolve the issues. By handing the cataloguing of hardware products into CAD over meant LH’s production resources were free to continue delivering their own projects.

“The mix of professionalism, a good methodology and the right attitude means I enjoy working with DAP”
Rudi Webel
Production Manager – Lenlok Hales

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