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As Builts. It’s what we do.

What We Need?

To support tradies with their As Built documentation, we require the following:


All drawings in .dwg format and any associated Xref’s


In colour format to add to the title blocks


Scan, photograph or send your red line marked up drawings


A physical address for your company

O&M Manuals

Do you have a builder on your back chasing O&M’s? Looking for a professional finish that meets the requirements and helps project your business at the same time? The solution is simple, eliminate handover delays and improve the professionalism of your operations and maintenance manuals by sending us your files today. We’ll get the job done.

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  • Single Line Diagram

    Single Line Diagram

  • Single Line Diagram

    Need a single line diagram (SLD) to represent the electrical system of a building, a piece of equipment or sub section of either? We’ll take your sketches and use standard symbols to indicate main components such as motors, switches and breakers and show how they connect together to form your electrical system. Mechanical and Hydraulic systems can also be depicted diagrammatically using SLD’s.

  • Fire Block Plans

    Block Plans are designed to quickly show the fire system layout of a building. Fire Block Drawings are more simplified than Hydraulic Drawings as they concentrate on showing the fire system only. They allow the fire brigade to quickly identify the location of hose reels, hydrants, valves, booster test pressures and flow rates.

  • Fire Block

    Fire Block

  • Penetration Drawings

    Penetration Drawings

  • Penetration Drawings

    Penetration drawings or the more commonly coined ‘peno drawings’ save time, money and can prevent costly mistakes onsite. All vertical penetration points are specified in a CAD drawing and in turn used by the surveyor to plot out the data onsite. To provide you with a penetration drawing, specify the point for all your basins, toilets, baths, troughs, washing machines, kitchen sinks, down pipes, floor wastes, planter boxes etc., along with the hydraulic drawings (.dwg format) and we’ll simply locate your points in CAD and provide an easy checking drawing.

What We Offer


Get the job done + Get it done fast!


Don’t wait for Consultant time frames or pay their rates.


Professionally presented handover documentation.


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Electrical, Data, NBN, Security, Hydraulic, Civil, Fire, Mechanical


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