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As Built Drawing Services

As Built Drawing service

As-Built drawings, capture the ‘actual’ build details as completed by various trades on a construction project. We support trades with their As Built Drawings, also known as As-Constructed drawings or As-Installed drawings.

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The need for amendments to the original ‘For Construction’ drawings is often because of unforeseen issues onsite, which require variations to be made to the specifications. These modifications are carried out onsite but trades need to formalise the changes and produce updated CAD drawings.
Our industry experience in delivering As Built Drawings includes:

  • Electrical, Data & Communication
  • Hydraulic, Civil & Fire
  • Security
  • Mechanical
  • Plasterboards & Partitions

As Built drawings for commercial and residential buildings, government and education contracts are all prepared to the highest quality of drafting standards. Contact us today for a free quote.


Electrical & Data

As Constructed Drawing example

As Installed Drawing example

Whether you need modifications to your As Built electrical drawings or hundreds of data points, DB and CB numbers added, wiring schematics updated we can assist. Simply send us the CAD files along with your electrical mark ups and we’ll quote you within 24 hours.

As built drawing before and after

Hydraulic and Civil Drawings

as built mark up
A lot of plumbing contracts will require the submission of as built drawing for both hydraulic and civil services. We update the CAD for all your sewer, water, gas, tanks, DP’s, pits, pumps, sinks, troughs and more. Simply send us the CAD files along with your mark-ups and we update the CAD files and send them back as PDF’s for checking.

Fire Block Plans

as built drawing mark up

Fire Hydrant Block Plans are usually supplied as an A3 sized drawing without a surrounding template. Used to identify the number and locations of hydrants, hose reels and stop valves, provide the booster pressure/flow rate and highlight hazards such as gas mains, stored volatile materials etc.

Penetration Drawings

as built Penetration drawing

Penetration drawings (sometime referred to as peno drawings) save time, money and prevent costly onsite mistakes. All vertical penetration points are specified in a CAD drawing and in turn used by the surveyor to plot out the data onsite. To provide you with a penetration drawing, specify the point for all your basins, toilets, baths, troughs, washing machines, kitchen sinks, down pipes, floor wastes, planter boxes etc., along with the hydraulic drawings and we’ll simply locate your points in CAD and provide an easy checking drawing.

Mechanical/ HVAC

as built Mechanical HVAC drawing

If it’s moving condenser units, updating numbering and system identifications, shifting tundish locations or revising duct work just mark it up and we’ll implement the changes in CAD to reflect a true as constructed drawing.


as built drawing security

We strip out electrical drawings and modify them to be purely security drawings. We logically locate all your door, camera and intercom components plus specific features such as push button, card reader, electric strike, magnetic strike etc. Most clients have their own preferred legend or we will happily develop one for you as standard.

As Constructed Drawings

We update your marked up contractor drawings to ‘As-Constructed’ conditions, up issue revision numbers and history tables. Outputs include PDF & DWG files, plots and CD copies.
as built constructed drawings

We customise the As Constructed drawing title block to incorporate your company logo and contact details. From now on every drawing you submit will not just be meeting a job requirement, but a marketing tool which may see you contacted for future works.

Long Term Benefits:

It’s arguable that As Built drawings add value to a property, particularly if occupants and building owners understand the associated cost of starting over when looking to extend or renovate. Since As-Built drawings define the location of hidden services such as wiring, ducts and plumbing, future remodelling, repairs and maintenance can all be carried out with greater ease.

Similarly, building permits and dispensation applications to council require as-built drawings. Supplying current hard and soft copies of these reduces the time and associated cost for the applicant.

Maintenance Manuals

Construction projects often require trades to supply Operation and Maintenance Manuals. These are essential guides for occupants and owners of the building to assist with long term care and preventative maintenance of key components and building systems.
as built manual

If prepared correctly an operation and maintenance manual can enhance your reputation and assist to safeguard your work long into the future. Similarly, industry is keenly aware of the benefits of a professional, well documented and quality maintenance manual so they’re attracting much greater emphasis and scrutiny.

Often for our clients these manuals are a dreaded necessity which are onerous to complete. That’s where we step in and assist with identifying the required information, collation, set out and page numbering, develop a table of contents and for that professional look and feel print your logo and project titles to folder covers and spines.

So next time you simply don’t have the time or desire for that headache, get us involved. Contact Us and we’ll help you.

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