Australian International Design Awards

Congratulations to Beacon Lighting and Deep Orange Design for the short listing of FANAWAY.

For brainchild Joe Villella realising this invention has taken three years of persistence and hard work clearing hurdles that were often unfamiliar in his profession as a civil engineering.

The patented ceiling fan has energy efficient blades that retract when not in use altering the aesthetics to appear only as a trendy light pendant. DAP worked with numerous sources of industrial design and engineering data and brought it all together to supply the 3D CAD model, 2D production drawings, computer generated renderings and patent drawings.

In its 50th anniversary, the Australian Design Awards made a paradigm shift by opening the contest to international competition. Consequently, FANAWAY now finds itself on centre stage with cutting-edge products from company’s whose names are synonymous for excellence in design such as Bose, Miele, Honda and Saab.

It looks like Joe’s persistence is finally starting to pay off and his story an inspiration to other budding inventors. We will continue to watch closely as the judging continues and bid all involved with the FANAWAY project good luck. Very exciting!

Links: Beacon Lighting , Deep Orange Design and Australian International Design Awards .

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