Darebin Bridge – Structural Steel Detailing

Bicycle Network Victoria has been calling for the Darebin Bridge since 1995 to open up the benefits of riding to Melbourne’s north. Following government funding, our client AAW Engineering Pty Ltd won the tender in June 2012 to fabricate, construct and install the steel structure from Heidelberg Road Bridge to Sparks Reserve as shown by red and yellow lines below.

heidelberg road steel detailing

handrails position1

Supplied with the architectural and engineering drawings, we developed the structural model of the bridge in 3D CAD and produced the shop drawings. The steel detailing takes into consideration the pre-camber in the girders and joists to reflect the actual steel structure.

In the event of flooding the bridge incorporates an innovative design for a collapsible handrail. Currently Banyule Council are reviewing and testing a prototype handrail. Meanwhile AAW Engineering have near finished the structural steel fabrication of the other components.

handrails position2

Completion of bridge will be welcomed with excitement by cyclists and pedestrians alike. We thank AAW Engineering for involving us in a project that has such great benefits to the community.

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